Volunteer Programs

At ONE Liberia, we consider our volunteers “partners for change”. We are always looking for individuals who are energetic, self-directed, highly motivated, and passionate about raising awareness about youth empowerment in Liberia and the initiatives we are undertaking.

We offer a variety of exciting and rewarding volunteer programs suitable for anyone looking to make a real difference. If you are interested in participating in any of the volunteer opportunities below, please complete send us an email to info@oneliberia.com.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Join the ONE Liberia “Partner for Change” Program: Please send us an email to info@oneliberia.com with your interest in our program. As a member of this program, you will receive information occasionally on ways to help and how to spread the word about ONE Liberia.
  • Mentorship: If you have skills that could be transferred to youth in Liberia and would like to mentor and provide training workshops, please send us an email at info@oneliberia.com with more information.
  • Introduce ONE Liberia to Others: Do you have connections with people, companies, institutions, organizations and social groups that might be interested in our initiatives? Please contact us at info@oneliberia.com and we will respond to you about the potential partnership.
  • Host a Fundraising Event: Invite your friends, colleagues and family to your own fundraising party. Please contact us at info@oneliberia.com and we will forward you our Fundraising Event Kit.


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