Student League

The ONE Liberia Student League is one of our most focal programs. The program was launched on Monday September 13 2010 in Monrovia, Liberia with over 60 students and guests in attendance.

With a focus on the youth, the program launched as a pilot at the University of Liberia and will eventually expand to other colleges in Liberia.

The mission of the group is to build a united Liberia by empowering and engaging Liberians through a process of collective action and interaction, and to foster a culture in which Liberia youths will truly share in nationalistic principles and values.

Key Objectives:

  • To raise the potential of young Liberians by providing educational programs of an inclusive nature, that will
    generate collective participation.
  • To focus on the issues of education and accomplishment as tools to attaining a wholesome working environment.
  • To build a culture of tolerance and national unity by developing and implementing several unification
    programs that fully reflect the dignity of true Liberian values.
  • To build a vibrant generation by engaging and empowering our young people with technologies that will focus their growth.


ONE Liberia Student League Application

ONE Liberia Student League Launch Presentation

OLSL Constitution and ByLaws

ONE Liberia Student League Concept Paper



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