Unification Day 2010 ONE Liberia Unity Pledge

Last updated 01/01/2012

235 people have signed this pledge.

I pledge that as of Unification Day 2010 (May 14th), I will further the goals of harmony and unity in the Liberian community. Beginning right now, I will do my part by:

  • Being a model citizen and respecting my fellow Liberians by examining my attitudes, words, and actions;
  • Promoting understanding and unity among all Liberians;
  • speaking out against both subtle and blatant words of hatred, intimidation or violence perpetrated by individuals or groups against others;

Additionally, I understand and agree that while I may have a different educational, ethnic or economic background from another Liberian, we are all still Liberians. It is critical that we embrace our diversity and unite, forming ONE Liberia, for the sake of our nation’s future.

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