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Last updated 14/02/2012

Mahatma Gandhi preached, “be the difference you want to see in the world”. We often hear people quote the famous leader, however how many of us actually live by that message? It takes far more than words to make a difference. It takes courage, leadership and action. Don’t you agree?

Thursday, Feb.2nd, ONE Liberia, an organization of strong minded and young individuals joined hands in organizing a Liberian Youth Empowerment fundraiser. ONE Liberia is a community-based organization led by empowered individuals to serve a positive mission. The Founder, Taa Wongbe, an entrepreneur and humanitarian, had a vision to help restore Liberia after the 14 years of war that attempted to defeat the African country. He used his skills as a management consultant to build a strong fort to help ensure a better tomorrow for Liberia.

ONE Liberia collaborated with One Moore Book, a Liberian children’s book publisher, to create a workbook called, The Love of Liberia: Empowerment Through Unification. This workbook is a vital element to their mission in restoring unification among Liberians. It also also provides the youth with necessary tools to learn to gain leadership in economic and political matters in Liberia as well. ONE Liberia’s aim is to promote peace, unity and leadership while enlightening the youth with awareness and skills necessary to take control in their community in a positive way.

The event took place at New York’s Toro Lounge at Smythe Hotel. Of course Newspitter was there to capture this magnificent event along with Nosa CEO of Nosa productions, as the videographer. The night was filled with dance, the hip sounds of DJ Moma and laughter while exuding class, style and grace. Sophia Domeville, an abstract expressionist graced the night by creating a live painting capturing the chakra better known as the energy the night possessed. Face 2 Face Africa was present as one of the endorsers for the movement. If you haven’t heard of them they are a riveting media company that serves as the voice of Africa while also spreading the mission to empower the youth.

Countless of other influential individuals and businesses such as and Jewlez of Afrika Boutique also supported the event. Let’s give a round of applause to One Liberia for successfully raising their goal $15,000 at the event! The proceeds will go towards not only in aiding educational expenses for the youth in Liberia but also towards empowerment workshops facilitated by ONE Liberia. If you would like to follow the organization you can find them on their site

The event served as a model that youth everywhere should look up to. It preached the underlying message that life is far more than taking, it also involves helping to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Take charge! Take action in your community because only then will we see prosperity and change. So Spitters, ask yourselves what positive action will you take in your community today?

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