ONE Liberia Peace, Reconciliation and Empowerment Dialogue

Last updated 24/01/2013

ONE Liberia to Host its Inaugural Peace, Reconciliation and Empowerment Dialogue Series with Youth in Liberia

ONE Liberia, a grassroots and youth led organization that is focused on unity, empowerment and peace building will host its inaugural peace, reconciliation and empowerment dialogue series on February 24th and 25th at the University of Liberia main campus auditorium.

Combining formal education, youth capacity building, and community engagement, ONE Liberia has hosted several similar initiatives in Liberia since its inception in 2008 with the goal of unity, youth empowerment and social awareness.  In 2010, it launched the Student League program at the University of Liberia and hosted the first ever Holiday Volunteer Program where Diaspora returnees volunteered at various organizations to provide capacity building and empowerment.  The organization also launched the ONE Liberia Unity Pledge which President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf signed and provided an inspirational video for the ONE Liberia National Unification Day Campaign.

The peace, reconciliation and empowerment dialogue is another innovative program designed through consultation with youth in Liberia and is meant to be a workshop to engage youth to understand their needs, civic duties and how to build a united Liberia from a community level. This will be a two-day dialogue were youth will learn about peace and reconciliation through dialogue and sharing their experiences on what they see as the challenges facing Liberia like corruption, jobs, water sanitation and exploring ideas on how to solve some of those tough challenges.

“We are really excited about our Peace, Reconciliation and Empowerment Dialogue,” says Taa Wongbe, founder of ONE Liberia, “The youth constitutes approximately 65% of our population and over the last few months we have really seen the need for an attentive voice to the youth concerns and ONE Liberia hopes to engage the youth and become that voice through dialogue and empowerment related activities.

To jumpstart the dialogue series, ONE Liberia partnered with One Moore Book, a Liberian owned children’s book publisher, to develop a workbook — The Love of Liberia: Empowerment through Unification. The workbook will be used at the peace, reconciliation and empowerment workshops facilitated by ONE Liberia.  The workbook introduction states: The purpose of the workbook is to uncover the many layers of ethnic difference and the role it plays in the socialization of Liberians, Liberia’s economy and politics. It also seeks to lay the foundation of national unification amongst Liberians and assist the youth with tools to internally negotiate and process their pasts, navigate their current circumstances, and to encourage all Liberians to tackle country’s challenges in the concerted spirit of unity and cooperation.

“Our specialty is children’s books but this was such a unique and inspiring project to assist and empower youth that we couldn’t say no,” says the company’s publisher, Wayétu Moore. Moore co-wrote the ONE Liberia workbook with her sister Kula Moore, a practicing Houston-based therapist who also illustrated the book. ONE Liberia workbooks will be distributed exclusively through the ONE Liberia reconciliation workshops.

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