ONE Liberia Holiday Volunteer Program

Last updated 24/01/2013

In the spirit of the season, ONE Liberia is launching a Holiday Volunteer Program to match Liberian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with willing volunteers at home in Liberia, and visiting from the Diaspora. The Program will run from December 15 – 30, 2010. If you would like to participate, please email us at with the following information:

1. Your full name
2. Your availability in Liberia over the holiday season
3. Your location in Liberia over the holiday season
4. The NGO that you wish to volunteer with (chosen from the list below)

Name of NGO

Volunteer Needs / Comments

Rights & Rice

Need assistance with Annual Report and/or IT (getting rid of bugs/viruses)

West Point Women for Health and Development

Need someone with basic computer skills to organize Project documents

Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness

Need a volunteer to plan activities for the girls

Liberia NGOs Network

Need assistance with financial management and/or project design

Women of Liberia Peace Network

Need female volunteers

ECOWAS Women in Liberia

Need volunteers for proposal writing and/or office management

Action for Genuine Democratic Alternative

Need volunteers in the areas of Policy, Research and Advocacy

Association of Female Lawyers

Need assistance with proposal writing

Angie Brooks International Center

Need assistance with report writing specifically about women issues. Volunteer must be willing to do field work and late hours

Commission for the Blind

Need assistance with proposal writing

Equip Liberia

Need a volunteer for M&E, with a background in health and protection, water and sanitation, or psychosocial counseling

Center for Justice and Peace Studies

Need a volunteer with a background in peace building and psychosocial counseling

Crusaders for Peace


Obaa’s Girls Education Outreach

Preferably a female volunteer

Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund

Need a volunteer with program skills and/or a financial background

Tiyatien Health Inc

Need a volunteer with general office secretarial skills

Mano River Women’s Peace Network Liberia

Might need a volunteer for a program out of town

Cachelle’s School of Promise


Calvary Empowerment Team

Needs volunteers with skills in proposal writing, website design, advocacy, financial management/accountancy, and/or program management


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